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Ever wonder how running a marathon began? In Greek history, Marathon was a place in Greece and the site of the famous battle of Marathon, where the Persians invaded and were defeated by the Athenians in 490 BC.  A soldier was sent from the battlefield to deliver the message of Victory to Athens which was 26miles long from Marathon. Pheidippides ran the entire distance without stopping and delivered the message “We have won!” before he collapsed and died of exhaustion. There are many reasons why people run a marathon these days: whether it is for a sense of personal achievement or to burn some calories or for a charitable cause, it is important you know the health risks and benefits involved before attempting to run a marathon. Apart from ensuring you eat right, train, properly hydrated and are well rested, you should ensure that you are covered with a healthcare plan.  Marathons are always riddled with a host of injuries, and some tend to trigger a dormant ailment in t