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Carrot Aims to Help Nigerians Make Wills, Organize Assets and Secure Their Financial Future.

Life is full of uncertainties and risks. We all face these challenges irrespective of social class, ethnicity, religion and other factors. These are the realities of life. Those who succeed in life are those who acknowledge these uncertainties and hence, arm themselves with a well-planned strategy on how to face and overcome these challenges. One of the challenges in Nigeria today is that of inheritance and estate planning. It is generally believed that the making of wills is an exclusive preserve of the rich. This assumption is patently false. Ask Carrot Technologies Limited for all the answers you need on the making of wills, inheritance and estate planning.
Carrot Technologies Limited is a financial technology firm (Fintech) with special focus on inheritance and estate planning. Our mission is to simplify access to estate planning for everyone and everywhere. Carrot is a one stop online platform that provides estate planning solutions for subscribers to securely create, update and s…


It is often said “you can’t take it with you’, True. It however does not mean that you should leave your possessions behind for just anybody to access; having a Will or an Estate plan in place means you have control over who gets what and you are able to leave instructions on how your legacy should be preserved. Fact! There are other interesting facts concerning Wills that will be considered but first, I would like to highlight a major FALSE fact that has developed universally and has consciously become a part of our culture: making a will is an invitation for death! This is absolutely false. Making a Will does not advance the date of death; there are a lot of people who have made wills and have lived on to enjoy their lives to a ripe old age. With that out of the way, consider some historical facts on Wills: ·THE LONGEST WILL      The world’s longest will ever probated was written by an English woman, Frederica Evelyn Stilwell Cook. It consisted of 1,066 pages (95,940 words)and occupie…