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Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Oliviawas five years old when her parents divorced. Her mother, Sarah, moved out of the cozy house she had once shared with her ex-husband, relocated back to Nigeria and moved into a much bigger lavishly furnished house with a beautiful view of Lagos. Olivia had a room to herself and a big playground to run around in, but it was never the same and she was lonely. Sarah was an investment banker in one of the top firms in the state and had dabbled a little in real estate earning her a sizeable estate and counting. Putting the divorce behind her, she focused on building a future with her daughter by her side. Her busy schedule allowed her to see her daughter only at night. She foundOlivia curled up in her bed one of those nights; a mountain of pillows around her like a forte, fast asleep. Releasing a sigh, Sarah laid watching Olivia“you will understand someday baby, I am working to build a future for you” she whispered brushing Olivia’s hair. 4:45pm Thursday Evening. There was a sharp kno…