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DIATHEKE: The Last Will & Testament of Christ

A Last will and testament is not a concept that is peculiar to our modern society alone; it is a practice that has been in existence in the ancient world as well. Diatheke is a Greek word which means ‘to set out in order’ or ‘to dispose in a certain order’. It was commonly used in the Greco-Roman world to define a legal transaction in settling an inheritance which we know as ones last will and testament today. Diatheke was used to translate ‘Beriyth’, the Hebrew word for ‘covenant’. This shows that it was used in reference to both covenant, as in an agreement between two parties with each having obligations and benefits attached, and one’s last will and testament; an obligation undertaken by one, which is the focus of this article. It is not absurd to assert that Jesus Christ had a last will and testament, and here is why: apart from the fact that the tone of gospel writers like the Apostle Paul and John depict Christ as a Testator, there are certain verses of the Bible states so: “16 for…