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The Girl-child and Her Right OF Inheritance

From time immemorial, the female gender has faced a host of discrimination; deeming her inferior to the male. Her right to work, vote, education, roles she could assume in society, whether or not she could own properties or be allowed to inherit properties from her father have all been decided by a mainly patriarchal society.

Nigeria is no stranger to the relegation of women to the background; especially through customary law and practices. One of the most prominent is the right of the girl-child to inherit property. In different parts of Nigeria, customs restrict or totally exclude women from inheriting property (especially landed property) from their husbands or parents. This is especially worse for widows, as they are often regarded as property themselves; “items” to be inherited by their brothers-in-law. Even the less derogatory customs tend to tie a woman’s right to inherit to whether or not she has a male child.

Female children can now inherit from their fathers and they cannot be…


CARROT TECHNOLOGIES was nominated as the best national digital solution for Nigeria for the international World Summit Awards (WSA). The World Summit Awards are a global initiative selecting digital innovation making a positive impact on society. With this nomination in the CategoryBusiness & Commerce, CARROT TECHNOLOGIES qualifies for evaluation among over 400 international projects by the WSA Jury 2018.
About CARROT Carrot Technologies was launched by Luqman Balogun and Odunayo Williams in February 2018., the flagship solution of Carrot Technologies, is an online estate planning platform that simplified the process of creating, updating, and executing Wills, Trusts, Deeds of Gift and other testamentary instruments for subscribers on their digital devices. Our mission is to simplify access to estate planning online for everyone, everywhere. Carrot is enjoyable, convenient and secure.
Carrot eliminates disputes relating to Wills & Trusts between Next of Kin and other b…