Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Olivia was five years old when her parents divorced. Her mother, Sarah, moved out of the cozy house she had once shared with her ex-husband, relocated back to Nigeria and moved into a much bigger lavishly furnished house with a beautiful view of Lagos. Olivia had a room to herself and a big playground to run around in, but it was never the same and she was lonely.
Sarah was an investment banker in one of the top firms in the state and had dabbled a little in real estate earning her a sizeable estate and counting. Putting the divorce behind her, she focused on building a future with her daughter by her side. Her busy schedule allowed her to see her daughter only at night. She found Olivia curled up in her bed one of those nights; a mountain of pillows around her like a forte, fast asleep. Releasing a sigh, Sarah laid watching Olivia “you will understand someday baby, I am working to build a future for you” she whispered brushing Olivia’s hair.
4:45pm Thursday Evening.
There was a sharp knock on the door. The maid went to receive the visitor; it was unusual for Sarah to be home this early. A scream caused Olivia to run out of the living room, only to find the maid sobbing on the floor with the strange man scowling: “Your mother is in the hospital Olivia, we have to go to her” the man said holding out his hand. She shook her head and retreated a little; he took a step toward her, his frown deepened “I am your uncle Emeka, I know you don’t know me but now is not the time for introductions”, he said harshly. Soon Olivia was on her way to the general hospital still confused at what was going on, all she wanted was her mother. Sarah was involved in a car accident; the report said she was hit by a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel in the early hours of the day; she had lost a lot of blood on the way to the hospital and was in a coma.
Family Olivia had no idea existed trooped in from all corners of the country, uncles and aunties that seemed concerned about her wellbeing. Olivia visited her mother during the day and at night she would pray fervently for her; even though she often overheard Aunty Ugo saying her mother was as good as dead and should be taken off life support. She made a mental note to ask what “life support” meant when her mother woke up.
One evening, Olivia walked in to find a “family” meeting in session. Something wasn’t right about the way they all looked at her. “I will take her with me, she may be useful,” Aunty Ugo said and the others nodded. They had divided Sarah’s properties amongst themselves without her consent; not like she had a choice in the matter. Burial arrangements were made; a date was fixed for Sarah’s final sendoff. Then, suddenly, a Call from the hospital interrupted the peace of the day. Sarah was awake and asking for her daughter! The emotions displayed were a mixture of joy and panic.
Olivia was saved by a miracle, and so was her inheritance!
Take a moment to think about what Olivia’s fate would have been like, had her mother not survived the accident. Your guess is as good as mine… the comfortable life she was used to, the education she received, the future her mother worked so hard to provide would have fallen into the hands of the greedy relatives with no regard for Sarah’s wishes. What is the use of working hard to gather wealth for your loved ones if you do not take steps to protect that legacy?

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