3 Strange Wills That Will Leave You Amazed!

When you hear the words: “Have you created your will,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? I will leave you to answer that. We are fond of saying that drafting a will is boring but guess what that is not a true fact; will drafting is as much fun as watching your favourite movie.

Leaving instructions for what should happen to your finances after your death is a serious matter – but for some the temptation to cause mischief or raise a smile from beyond the grave is too much to resist. After all, for some people a will is not just a list of bequests; it’s a chance to leave a loved-one a final thoughtful gesture, or show a hopeful relative how much you preferred the dog to them, lol!!

We’ve rounded up 3 strange inheritances left in wills for anyone needing a little inspiration:


Like seriously, a wife for a gay son!! Frank Mandelbaum proved to his son that he can also play a major role in his life even in his death.

When Frank Mandelbaum’s will was read in 2007, it was discovered that he had left behind a whopping sum of $180,000 trust fund for his grandchildren. There was one additional clause, though, which concerned his son Robert. Robert’s children would only inherit a share of Robert’s inheritance if he agreed to marry their mother within six months of their birth. One small problem: Robert is gay and is raising his son, Cooper, with his husband.

Let’s pause for a moment and digest this! A wife for a gay son, really? In the US the son might ignore his dad’s wishes and move on with his life. But what would a Nigerian man do? Your guess is as good as mine.


Ok, so this sounds really odd! In Nigeria where things are hard and people are working two jobs just to feed, then you would ask your maids to prepare a family dinner pending your resurrection from the grave. How hilarious and somewhat creepy!!

Bowman’s wife and two daughters had died before him and he became convinced that when he died, his entire family would be reincarnated together. Driven by this odd belief, he set up a trust worth $50,000 to pay servants to keep up the housework in his 21 room mansion. He also requested that a daily meal be prepared in case the family returned hungry. The will was honored until the trust ran out of funds in 1950.

Here is what will happen at the end; he will run out of money, his staff will leave and his entire family will die yet another death, hunger!


Some folks have a really wicked and weird sense of humour!!! Like I can’t even deal!! So people write all this stuff in their wills… Then drafting will is super cool!!! Yes, you can use your will to get your revenge!! Samuel Bratt's will just proves that.

He left 330,000 pounds for his wife, but with the condition that she must smoke at least 5 cigars everyday! What? Yeah, apparently Bratt's wife did not allow him smoke in his life time, so, to get back at her he included this clause in his will. Brutal, we say!

5 cigars every day!! But she was only helping him live longer in her opinion... Men are scum indeed!!

Have you come across any funny wills? Do let us know via the comment section.

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