I'm Not Rich — Do I Still Need To Write A Will?

Since Carrot was introduced to the Nigerian market, there have emerged certain hurdles or walls that must be smashed from the mindset of Nigerians regarding wills; one of such is the belief that they have no need for a Will because they are not rich. when asked if they have wills, the most popular answers they give aside from the obvious "are you praying for me to die" is “what do I have to want to give to someone else”? 

Believe it or not, you can write a will even if you don’t own properties or have tens of millions of Naira stashed away. The idea behind a will is that you distribute whatever you have that is of value to you to whomever you desire to have them. The importance is placed on the value you attach to the item, the little you think you have matters. It is also a source of comfort for your loved ones knowing you cared enough to protect them from life's harsh realities. 

If you leave behind a will, it saves your family a whole lot of stress and worries upon your demise. For example, a typical Nigerian is filled with so much frustration from the hard standard of living in the country; hence they won’t hesitate to pounce on the wealth or property of a relative if he/she dies, we see this often practiced in our various cultures; where a person dies and his wealth is taken over by his relatives to the exclusion of his wife and children. 

For those who say they have nothing to give, creating a will on the Carrot platform gives you N1million Personal Accident Insurance cover which is an asset. So yes, whether you are rich or not, you can and need to write a will so that you can allocate your property and assets to members of your family you feel deserve them.

Carrot has successfully bridged the perceived difficulties of will making in Nigeria by providing an easy way to write your will using smart technology for a token of N35,000.  Do not put off for tomorrow what you can do today. 
Visit www.carrot.ng to get your will today!! #thinkCarrot!


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