Rick Kid Vs. Poor Kid

A lot happen in Nigeria on a daily basis; things that we can’t control, those we have total control over, those ones which gets us completely excited, the ones that leaves us in tears and disappointed. People fondly say that waking up the next morning is an opportunity to making yesterday better and an avenue to secure for yourself a great future.

Imagine a 28-year-old Nigerian who is doing so well, has a reasonable amount of money to take care of his or her responsibility and that of his immediate family members but never for once thought it necessary to organize his or her assets or write a will state specifically who gets what and at what time.

Then also envisage another guy in the same age bracket as the former, who isn’t doing so well, struggles to feed daily and can’t even take care of his family, but he has taken out time to organize his assets and assign the few property he owns members of his family by writing a will.

Still in our imaginative world, both guys kick the bucket; who do you think his family will be more chaotic after his demise? Your guess is as good as mine. The well to do guy who didn’t write a WILL, definitely left his family in a mess.

The world is evolving and like we earlier stated no one has control over the havoc that come with living in Nigeria, but we sure do have the rights to plan our life and prepare adequately for our future; and that is what CARROT is here for.

Take charge of your life! #ThinkCarrot


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